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Movable Wall – Teachwall 100

The Teachwall 100 satisfies the most stringent requirements a user may demand from a movable wall.

The Teachwall 100 Movable Wall has excellent acoustical properties. When it comes to sound insulation this Movable Acoustic Wall is the obvious choice, its sound insulation ranges from 37-58 decibels.

The Teachwall 100 Movable Wall Panels runs smoothly along its tracks on ball-bearing trollies and is very easy to operate, it is rigid, robust and has safety features that assist in its operation.

The Teachwall 100 can benefit from a specially made steel self-supporting frame structure of which can achieve heights of more than 15 meters. Operated by a specialist scissor jack mechanism that ensures the greatest possible stability and the highest degree of sound proofing.

The Teachwall 100 Acoustic Panels fully complies with BB93 (Acoustics in Schools) and is specified regularly by Architects and Designers.

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Further information, drawings, colour finishes, can all be obtained by request.

AEG Teachwall

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