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What geographical area do we operate in?

We install and service partitions all over the UK, we also can supply for export.

What colours are available?

Our standard range consists of eight colours however other finishes and colours are available at request.

How long does a standard partition take to install?

Only 1 day, especially with the 200 system

When can you come out and measure?

Within a few days

How will I know if I can have a partition where I want one?

We will come out and visit you to confirm this

Can you come out of School hours?

Yes, we try to accommodate for school life wherever possible

Do we manufacture our products?

Yes, we manufacture our products giving you the very best cost possible

Do I need something to hang it from?

Yes in most cases, but not with the Teachwall 200

Can anybody use these partitions?

No, only trained staff, normally a teacher or facilities manager

I need a door in the partition to be able to pass from room to room

A door comes as standard with the 200 system

Is there any warrantee?

Yes, we offer a 12 month warrantee as standard